2024 Summer Scholars Announced

VMEC is pleased to announce the selection of the following students as VMEC Summer Scholars for 2024.

Scholar University Will be working at 
Matthew Jackson Old Dominion University BAE Systems
Sebastian Parker William & Mary BAE Systems
Yohannes Zena Virginia Tech BAE Systems
Michael Liang Virginia Tech George Mason University
Julia Rodrigues William & Mary George Mason University
Aaron Brookins Virginia Commonwealth University Micron Technology
Marjorie Cenese Old Dominion University Micron Technology
Zane Gunn University of Virginia Micron Technology
Tyler Hayworth Virginia Tech Micron Technology
Nathan Marchetti Virginia Commonwealth University Micron Technology
Justin Vinluan George Mason University Micron Technology
Elieen Sawyer William & Mary Norfolk State University
Phi Lu University of Virginia Old Dominion University
Connor Martin William & Mary University of Virginia
Robert Merriman Virginia Commonwealth University University of Virginia
Ksenia Avrutina William & Mary Virginia Commonwealth University
Paul Kelemen William & Mary Virginia Commonwealth University
Samuel Turner William & Mary Virginia State University
Arthur Hill Old Dominion University Virginia Tech
Nicolas Pollard Virginia State University Virginia Tech
Diayla Copeland Hampton University William & Mary
Justin Sumrele Old Dominion University William & Mary