Hadis Morkoç

Research in both novel devices and complex oxides and semiconductors is well recognized worldwide. Professor Morkoç is one of the top most highly cited authors in physics, materials physics, and engineering in the world, with first rate laboratory facilities and team in novel semiconductor deposition, characterization and fabrication.

  • Joined VCU Engineering 1997
  • Held positions at Varian Associates in Palo Alto, CA, Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, NJ, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and extended sabbatical leave at Caltech
  • Serves as editor or on editorial boards of scientific journals
  • Published some 1,600 papers, 50 book chapters, 70 review, tutorial and popular articles, some 15 books
  • Serves and served on many national international conference committees
  • Raised over $30M for research at UIUC for research
  • Raised some $20M at VCU for research
  • Recipient of 2002 VCU Distinguished Scholarship Award, 2005 Virginia Outstanding Scientist award, Fellow of IEEE, APS and AAAS


  • PhD in Electrical Engineering, Cornell, 1976